INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS - a sample test for a bachelor program

English language test

The test takes 60 minutes and consists of three parts - Reading, Use of English and Listening. There is also a speaking part which is a ten-minute interview.

Read the article below and for questions 1–18 choose the correct word.

A court in Turkey has said the country's Twitter ban (1) free speech. It said that blocking Twitter takes (2) people's right to express themselves freely. The Turkish government blocked Twitter on March the 21st. The Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, was angry because someone posted audio files of his (3) advisors just days before the country's elections. The files (4) details of possible corruption in Turkey that could be embarrassing for the government. Mr Erdogan is a big critic of social networks. As well as blocking Twitter, he also ordered the blocking of YouTube for a while. He said in an election campaign speech: "We will (5) out Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says.”

The Twitter ban did not (6) as Mr Erdogan wanted it to. Turks found many ways to get on Twitter without using the normal channels. Internet companies say there was a surge in tweets after the ban but (7) is down to half of what it was before. Many Turks are furious (8) the government for banning Twitter. They are determined to make (9) they can access the micro-blogging site. The court agreed with the people. It said: “Everyone has the right to express and share his/her own thoughts and opinions in speech, writing, in pictures or (10) other media.” Twitter was happy with the court’s announcement. Its global public policy (11) tweeted: “We hope to have Twitter access (12) in Turkey soon.”


Read the following text and for questions 13–20, and in each gap write the correct word formed from the word in brackets. There is an example at the beginning.

Google investing $1billion in renewable energy

Google is (Ex.) investing (INVEST) $1billion in renewable energy, like solar energy and wind farms. It wants to become (13) (TOTAL) green. Google's (14) (DIRECT) of Energy and Sustainability (DES) said: "We've invested over a billion dollars in 15 projects that have the capacity to (15) (PRODUCTION) two giga-watts of power." He added: "Investing in… renewable power plants…all make business sense…. . We rely on power for our business."

Google still has a long way to go before it reaches its goal to be (16) (FUEL) by renewable energy 100 per cent. (17) (CURRENT), about 34 per cent is from renewables. The DES said: "There are lots of challenges in getting there, not the (18) (LITTLE) of which is operating in many different parts of the world." The DES added Google's (19) (INNOVATION) projects may transform energy and provide clean power to (20) (BUSY) and homes around the world.


For questions 21-28, choose the best answer A, B, C or D and draw a circle around ONE letter.

21.  I would like to be ____ exactly what the risks are.

  • know
  • said
  • told
  • found out

22.  He took the job in the company _____ it did not pay well.

  • however
  • although
  • despite
  • nevertheless

23.  All members of the team played a vital _____ in the success of the campaign.

  • job
  • help
  • role
  • game

24.  What ______ of car are you thinking of buying?

  • brand
  • make
  • label
  • mark

25.  Tom recently built his own house, ____ was extremely hard work.

  • it
  • that
  • which
  • what

26.  The more ethnic communities there are in a city, ____ more interesting it is to live in.

  • so
  • the
  • and
  • much

27.  It can take weeks to recover ____ a bad case of flu.

  • of
  • from
  • off
  • through

28.  There are many endangered species _____ the panda.

  • also
  • in addition
  • too
  • besides